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Welcome to V13 KlangFormer

A software plug-in, matched with the frequency response of V13, that
offers a useful and high-graded selection of different colorations.


The WeissKlang V13 distinguishes itself through a linear frequency response which is very suitable for the post-processing.

In close collaboration with Sonimus we created a powerful plug-in

- the V13 KlangFormer.

It provides you 5 high-quality colorations, ranging from old tubes with beautiful harmonic distortions to modern transformers and warm ribbon microphones  


Unlock your V13 and get the best sounds, right at the palm of your hands. 

For the best experience we recommend preamplifiers with
a linear frequency response, which can be found in most audio interfaces.




Delivers a sweet and airy high frequency response, rich mids and lows, providing the iron sound of transformers.

The signal therefore sits perfectly in the mix. It’s magical on vocals and acoustic instruments.


Offers the famous mid-forward sound of the old days with strong mids, well-balanced lows and focused high frequencies, which had a significant impact on recordings of the 50s and 60s.


Sounds outstandingly musical with natural highs, tight mids and a warm low frequency response by merging the best acoustic properties of FETs and transformers.

This mode is excellent for a variety of sources.


Reproduces the warm sound of old triode tubes with silky highs and full lows. It also increases harmonic distortion and makes the signal larger than life.

For this versatile mode, there are countless applications.


Provides the characteristic sound of ribbon microphones with balanced mids and slightly deemphasized highs combined with a smooth low end response. It sounds great on vocals, but
also on guitars, horns and pianos.




  • Five high-graded colorations

  • Reproduction of harmonic distortion

  • VU-meter (Output)

  • Input- & Output-Knob

Supported platforms

Audio Unit, VST 2.4, VST 3, AAX and RTAS (x86)


All platforms support both 32-bit and 64-bit operation.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Mac OS X 10.7 and newer

  • Windows 7 and newer

Technical Specifications

  • Sample Rate Support: Up to 192 kHz

  • Bit Depth: 64 bits (floating point)

  • Channels: Mono and Stereo

  • Latency: Zero

All listed brands, product names and logos are registered trademarks.

All rights reserved.



Down below you can find some comparative examples of the V13 KlangFormer.

For listening we recommend high resolution speakers or headphones.

(Gain: 15dB - RME preamplifier and converter - loudness normalized)



The V13 KlangFormer is free and exclusively available for WeissKlang V13 users.

To download, just click on "Download now" and enter your log-in data:

Username: Your invoice number

Password: Your Zip Code (of shipping address)


Mac OS X 10.7 and newer

V13 KlangFormer 1.0.1


Windows 7 and newer

V13 KlangFormer 1.0.1

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