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WeissKlang Microphones® 


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is committed to ensuring that customers have the best possible experience with our products.

All WeissKlang® products are warranted for three years from date of purchase,

which guarantees the product to remain free from operating defects during the warranty period.

 In the event of a product failure due to materials or workmanship, we will repair or replace said product at no charge.

Shipment of the defective item for repair under this warranty will be at the customer’s own risk.
If possible, please use the provided and original packing.

In order to claim pursuant to this warranty, the product must be returned, together with the invoice.

The warranty is limited to the mechanical functionality of the microphones.

The warranty is not applicable to:


  • Damage or loss caused by modification, alteration or repair by any unauthorized party

  • Damage or loss caused by mishandling by the customer or any unauthorized party having accessed the product without authorization

  • Wear and tear not caused by recommended use

  • Damage or loss caused by events categorized as force majeure or any other sources beyond the control of the manufacturer

  • Damage or loss caused by another device that is connected to the product

  • Damage resulting from accidents, misuse, abuse, tampering or failure by the customer or an unauthorized party to follow normal operating

  • Procedures outlined in the user manual

  • General maintenance and servicing

  • Accessories supplied with the product

  • Minor faults or deviations in the quality of a product which do not affect the product’s value or fitness for its intended purpose

Warranty claims can be enforced in any country throughout the world in which the statutory

rights of the country concerned are not in conflict with our warranty regulations.

If, within the warranty period, the product is determined to be defective, please contact us by phone or mail

and we will deal with it as fast as possible. Our liability shall be limited to repair or replacement of the parts concerned. 

Without the proof of purchase we will repair the defective parts (in agreement with you) fee required.

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Mikrofonmanufaktur Di Fresco

Bottenäckerstr. 35

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