Is it possible to test your microphones?

If you come from Germany you can test our microphones free of charge for 7 days.
For more information feel free to contact us.

Do you ship the microphones with insurance?

Every microphone will be shipped with insurance.

Afterwards we send you a confirmation mail with the tracking number.

What material are the microphone bodies made of?

Our microphone bodies are made of aluminium, brass and copper. The used materials are customary and very durable.

Why do you recommend a Pop filter?

Due to the size and the operating principle of large-diaphragms, the capsule is generally more sensitive to plosive sounds.

Letters like "P" or "B" produce air blasts. A Pop filter reduces these blasts.

Is it advisable to mount the microphone upside down?

This type of appication extends the lifespan of tube microphones. Tubes produce heat, which will always rise to the top and damage the capsule by and by. The technology of our microphones is based on transistors with minimal waste heat,

therefore you don't need to mount the microphone in this way.

Why do you build the microphones without a PAD switch?

PAD switches have a negative impact on the signal-to-noise ratio. The signal will be attenuated by the given value,

however the noise will not.

To maintain the performance we build our microphones without PAD switches.

For which recording situations the V13 is made for?

Due to the linear and distortion-free sound, the V13 is very versatile. Our clients used it successfully for recording vocals, guitars, strings, choirs and wind instruments.

What is meant by "versatile use"?

The human voice as well as any musical instrument, do have very unique characteristics.

Microphones with an uneven frequency response can't be used for any sound source, whereas microphones with a smooth frequency response can be used in (almost) every recording situation.

How should I store my microphone when not in use?

We recommend to store the microphone in a dry environment, when not in use for a long period of time. Ideally you can store it in the provided wooden box.

Who pays the shipping fees for warranty cases?

Warranty repairs are free of charge for the client and of course we will pay the shipping fees.

What about ecological sustainability?

From the beginning we produce with renewable energy.

Furthermore we use biodegradable packaging chips to protect the products and are committed to continuously improving

our environmental performance.

Do you also repair discontinued products?

The installed components were chosen deliberately, in order to guarantee a long availability,

thus discontinued products will be maintained continuously.

How long does a repair take?

We exclusively distribute our products and services directly on our own, therefore a fast service-processing is guaranteed.

If you are having issues please feel free to contact us.

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